Poutatorvi was established in Kangasala Finland 2005. Poutatorvis music contains wings waving disco owls, level jumping superheroes, hot nightclub lovers, balloon rides and wave crushing two-edged swords. Poutatorvis mostly instrumental music mixes various music styles such as flamboyant disco, games machine, electronic and progressive rock sauced with exotic influences. Music uninhibited riehakkuus and rolling over the cadence their own audience to dance in a manic manner.

Timi-Artturi “Disco Owl” “Libla” Mäkelä – bass, synthesizers 2005-
Markus Pajakkala “Bunny” – Saxophones, flute 2
Jussi Prusti – drums
Pekka Laiho – guitars
Olli “Trumpenator” “Penguin” Helin
– trumpet, percussions
Tapio Keihäs “Carnival Commando” – synthesizers

Live technicians
Heikki Kauppinen – Sound Engineer
Jussi Autio – Lights

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